Ninetyfour was conceived from the bonds of friendship back in 1994. The essence of the brand is rooted in exploring the dynamic interplay and intriguing contrasts between diverse worlds. It celebrates the unique chemistry that emerges when these different realms come together, crafting an identity that reflects both harmony and distinction.

The vibrant and dynamic nature of global street and city life serves as a profound inspiration for Ninetyfour. It is in these bustling urban spaces that diverse cultures converge, creating a melting pot where contrasts and crossovers between various styles emerge and flourish. This rich interplay of influences fuels the unique character and spirit of Ninetyfour, reflecting the eclectic essence of urban life around the world.

Blending a diverse array of influences from street style, contemporary trends, and classical elements, the collection features relaxed silhouettes that echo a sense of youth culture, adding a dynamic and fresh touch to traditional aesthetics.

Ninetyfour is a distinctive brand tailored for individuals with strong personalities who seek exceptional quality, unique designs, and standout details. The essence of uniqueness is embodied in our limited edition collections, ensuring each piece is a rare treasure that reflects individuality and exclusivity.